The most important things in Life are not things.  


In the course of Rosemary Tilley's work it became obvious to her that most people at some point struggle to make sense of what's happening in their relationships, and are starved of knowledge about how to start to implement constructive change.

"What I have tried to do in writing this book is to provide a simple means by which you can begin to understand how to make your relationship work better, particularly your relationship with your intimate partner.

"How well you connect with others will be the most important influence on your happiness and wellbeing throughout your life, yet it is a subject which is not typically included in any school curriculum.

"The 41 scenarios in this book illustrate themes which are brought up regularly in my practice as a human relations specialist, and the best research suggests that these are central to relationship success or failure.

"You may choose to read them just for interest, or use them to bring about needed change by implementing the action plans.

"I truly hope that it brings you the insight and motivation to improve those relationships which you deem important, and that your life, as a consequence, is made more fulfilling."