Rosemary Tilley

About the author

Rosemary Tilley began her career as secondary school teacher and after travelling extensively became a book editor and lecturer in English at a German university. After many years working for large corporations such as IBM and 3M in sales, marketing and senior management in Australia and overseas, she added another dimension to her career by completing a Masters Degree in Human Relations. As the director of a management consulting practice, Rosemary now advises organisations on how to establish and maintain effective relationships, both internally and externally.

Her focus is on developing the relational intelligence of staff at all levels, particularly the management group, so that a climate which supports positive relationships is encouraged. Rosemary has also designed a methodology which delivers high levels of team effectiveness within large alliance projects and she now specialises in coaching such groups to achieve outstanding results.

She conducts a private practice providing counselling to individuals, couples and families, is a group facilitator with Relationships Australia, and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences.